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Highways Infinite

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Dr. Ritu Joseph,

Founder, Highways Infinite

Cancer Activist, India

Pic Courtsey " Highway Infinite"

“Project Highways Infinite” has been initiated by Mrs. Ritu Biyani and her daughter Tishta Jospeh in 2006 to aware people about Breast Cancer.

There are some incidents that completely change the plans that you made for the rest of life. Our hero of this blog is “Dr. Ritu Joseph”. Once, she met with such an incident and she determined to dedicate her life for a mission. Dr. Ritu’s journey is special and inspirational. She dedicated her life to a mission.

Dr. Captain Ritu Biyani Jospeh is a dental surgeon by profession and a mountaineer, a skydiver, and Paratrooper by her choice. At the age of 40, she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and chemotherapy made her bald. Once a dental patient walked out of the clinic after being aware of Ritu’s cancer. He supposed that cancer is a communicable disease. This incident forced her to change her plan for life and she determined to dedicate her life to make people aware of Breast Cancer.

She launched a unique initiative “Project Highways Infinite” with her daughter Tista Joseph in 2006, to link adventure sports with cancer. In a six month journey, she organised 140 workshops across 26 states of India and travelled more than 30 thousand km. These workshops were attended by more than 26 thousand people. This initiative is touching more than 70,000 lives in India. Dr. Ritu is the first Indian woman who did solo drive across four tips of India. After working for a prolonged period, “Highway Infinite” were recognised by India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for their contribution.

Recently, She won iWoman Global Award (Jury Award – Special mention) for her personal strength. She also won other awards like Limca book of Records Holder -India 2007, Shakti Achievement Award 2018, The Sunday Standard DEVI Award 2016, Mahila Sahas Rashtriya Puruskar 2011 & Manthan Awards South-Asia E-Health 2008 for her travelling and breast cancer awareness. She faced the darkest night of her life but after facing all the fears, she got her brightest hope of life.

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