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"Big Dreamer"- The Story of Youngest IPS officer

“Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth.” But few are born with minimal resource, living hardships and difficult atmosphere. But as somebody once said that “poverty is not being without money but being without hope.”


This article is about a little boy who was born in Palanpur, Gujarat. Son of a diamond mine worker was sure born poor but was a dreamer. He dreamt of being able to take all of the family cargo on his shoulder someday.

He just needed to figure all that out..And bam!!


One day he saw the district collector visiting his school. He was innocent enough to ask that “how come he is being treated like a king”. “He is a very powerful and respected person” his aunt answered. That was a moment of change for him. He decided to be one someday. But life ain’t a treat. As said “What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy”.

Family Background and Their Struggle


His family struggled throughout his childhood.

Despite working in the mine, his father worked as a part time electrician and his mother worked as a cook in people’s home, restaurants and banquet to support Safin’s education..

Looking his mother work from 4 am in the morning till sunset to roll 20-200 kg chapattis, Safin’s heart cried enough. She used to earn Rs. 5000-6000 a month to support her two sons. “I have seen her soaked in sweat even in cool mornings as I studied in the kitchen,” recalls Safin.

Educational background

With all the determination of being an IAS officer he enrolled himself in National Institute of Technology, Surat. He studied electronics and communication there. He used to give tuition to children in his summer and winter break for pocket money.

 Safin has a heart of gold. Along with his friends he founded “NIRMAAN” in college to support the underprivileged kids. The NGO works for the nurture and education of the poor. He used to go to slum in his free time to teach poor kids and used to listen to their destitutions.

Obstacles in Journey


Having the correct intention of being an IAS officer just to serve the country he prepared for the exam in year 2016. He never ever thought of giving a second attempt.

He was grateful enough to a business man in his village (Mr. Hussain bhai) who used to carry his expenses during the coaching year. In 2017 he attempted the UPSC exam for the first time but unfortunately he met with an accident. However that did not break his spirit and he gave the exam.

Later because his injuries were severe, he had to undergo surgery as he had Tier 3 injury on his knee ligament. On 23rd March, 2018 he had his interview. But just the month before he was admitted for UTI infection and WBC increase, But nothing at all come in the way of him passing the exam with AIR 570.

And the irony is he scored the second highest in the personality test. He also cracked the State PSC exam in one go.



On 23rd December he took charge as the Assistant Superintendent of Police in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Safin became the “Youngest IPS officer” in India.  Just at the age of 22, Safin became the hero of the Nation. He wishes to open a state of art residential school for poor children someday.

Bringing hope in the youth of India, becoming the strength of the poor Safin proved that –

“Your reality is based on the options you give yourself, so DREAM BIGGER.”