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Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has devised automated and contactless, an Ultraviolet sanitisation system to disinfect electronics gadgets, currency and Papers. It is developed by Research centre Imarat (RCI), a premier laboratory of DRDO located in Hyderabad.


The defence department has developed this automated sanitisation cabinet to fight against Coronaviruses outbreak and this device is named as “Defence Research Ultraviolet sanitizer (DRUVS)”.  

DRUVS is designed by senior RCI scientist Shri S Gopinath and Shri Sourabh Kumar, just in 15 days. After successful validation test of killing different bacteria, two units of DRUVS is given to Virology lab in Hyderabad.


This device has sensor switches clubbed with drawer opening and closing mechanism. It also provides 3600 exposure of the UV-C rays to the objects placed inside the cabinet. Once the sanitisation is done, this device will go into sleep mode and this automatic feature allows operator does not wait till it gets over.

DRDO’s RCI lab has also developed an automated UVC currency sanitising device called “NOTESCLEAN”, where bundles of currency notes can be sanitised using DRUVS. This device will picks the notes one by one and makes them pass through a series of UVC lamps for complete disinfection.