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With the same sized brains,

We all are born.

What makes a difference

You might think and Hold on!!

Like a seed sown under the mud from light to darkness,

We were sent to our second home, Which felt all dark and blown,

You might unfold as if I’m I am talking about my school alone,

But The Darkness entered when we left those strong hands, those caring eyes,

and went to a long Journey soon.

“A Journey to understand ourselves”


Yes, U’r right, I’m talking about our coaching class room.


‘Ohkay!! Doesn’t matter let’s start a fresh story’

All sad and tired, we reached our classes,

Some are homesick, some are carelessly free.

And then, a ray of hope enlightens our life,

Good Morning Sir, the sound arise,

‘The 2nd God what we call’ integrates neurons of our mind.

A bunch of knowledge, yes the books can also give,

But it rhymes in our mind just when those poor jokes and deadly laughter begins.

Those heart attacking physics formulas, those ataxic derivations, And the paralytic equations, can’t bear them all about a cherishing soul around.

And there comes our teacher to make us understand the formulas of life. Yes!! Much more important than any other Newton’s formula.

We bitch about them, we curse them, But the day we reach a milestone we got to understand.

The man with those cringy tricks & funny jokes made our life, I’ll feel obliged if I get to meet them again in our life.

Their scolding I cherish today

 as they made me choose my way

Will never forget that ray

The ray that enlightened my way!!