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Brahmputra Underwater Tunnel

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The government of India has given in-principle approval to construct a strategic underwater tunnel below the Brahmaputra River to connect Gohpur and Numaligarh towns in Assam.

The length of this underwater tunnel will be approximately 14 km and will provide all-weather connectivity between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. This tunnel will help in the rapid movement of military transport and supplies at a speed of 80Km/hr.


The proposed tunnel will be constructed by National Highway and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHAIDCL) along with US Company Louis Berger. The tunnel will be built in three phases and will be of 14.85 Km in length.

This tunnel will be longer than the underwater tunnel built by China below the Taihu Lake.

Special Features

  • The tunnel will have two capsules having four lanes for the seamless movement of traffic.
  • Ventilation system for the flow of fresh air inside the tunnel.

  • Special attention for no water leakage.
  • Its security features include emergency exit, the drainage system, and also lashed with a crash barrier system.

Strategic Importance

  • The approval is given amid the tension between India and China along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) border.
  • The four-lane tunnel will provide all-weather connectivity between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh along China Border.

  • The transport vehicle can cruise at a speed of 80Km/Hr inside the tunnel.
  • It will enable the rapid movement of military vehicles and supplies along Indo-Shino Border.


The government’s approval of the proposed underwater tunnel below Brahmaputra River is an admirable decision as it will serve security as well as civilian purposes of the strategically important part of our country.


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