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DRDO's AI Based "BHARAT" series of Drone provided to Indian Army for surveillance along the LAC Border.

Key Heighlights

Amid the ongoing border disputes along the LAC in eastern Ladakh between India and China, DRDO has provided “BHARAT” Drones to Indian army for carrying out accurate surveillance in high altitude areas and mountainous terrain along the line of actual control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.
The Bharat series of drones has been developed by Defence research and Development Organisation (DRDO)’s Chandigarh Based Laboratory. The indigenously developed drones are world’s most agile and lightest surveillance drone.

Features and Abilities of Bharat Drone

Bharat drone is small in size, but are very powerful to work autonomously at any location with great accuracy. The unibody biomimetic design as well as advance release technology is a lethal combination for surveillance mission. This drone is also equipped with artificial intelligence to help the drone in detecting the friends from foes and take proper action accordingly.

The Bharat drone has been made in a way that it can survive in the extreme cold weather condition and further, developed to perform in harsher condition. It will also provide the real time video transmission during the surveillance operation and with very advanced night vision capabilities, it can also detect humans hidden in deep forest. The drone has been built in a way that makes it impossible to be detected by Radar and can operate in swarm operations.