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    Global Vaccine Summit, 2020

    Recently, The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Virtual Global Vaccine Summit, hosted by The United Kingdom (UK). GAVI (Global alliance for vaccines and Immunizations) is a public-private international health partnership, with their goal of increasing access to new and under-used vaccines for millions of the most vulnerable children.

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    “No Mountain High Enough”

    “No Mountain High Enough”- Arunima Sinha Some people wants to live their life with dignity and self-respect. This is the story of seven time Indian volleyball player, mountaineer and world’s first female amputee “Arunima Sinha”, who scaled Mount Everest with Prosthetic leg. She successfully scaled the highest peaks on five continents: Australia, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.   Arunima was born in Ambedkar Nagar near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. She wanted to join Paramilitary forces. She was going Delhi, to take an examination to join CISF by Padmavati Express train. She was pushed out of a General Coach of the train by robbers, who wanted to snatch her gold…

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    Dream Bigger- The Story of Youngest IPS officer

    “Big Dreamer”- The Story of Youngest IPS officer “Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth.” But few are born with minimal resource, living hardships and difficult atmosphere. But as somebody once said that “poverty is not being without money but being without hope.”   This article is about a little boy who was born in Palanpur, Gujarat. Son of a diamond mine worker was sure born poor but was a dreamer. He dreamt of being able to take all of the family cargo on his shoulder someday. He just needed to figure all that out..And bam!!   One day he saw the district collector visiting his school.…

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    Faith Gonsalves

    “Faith Gonsalves” Bringing music to the street children of Delhi. “Every Child has the ability and right to excel If given the opportunities and encouragement.” Faith Gonsalves,a young history Hons.graduate from Lady Shri Ram,Delhi In 2008 walked through the dusty slums of Sarai, New Delhi where children are not fortunate enough to have proper home ,food or education. Faith believed that the only thing separating these kids from more affluent peer Is “Opportunity”. She started the Initiative with 5 people founded  ‘Music Basti’-an arts education programme that focuses on creating learning and exposure opportunity for hundred ‘at risk’ children such as orphans , abuse victims, child labours,beggars In Institutionalised child…

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    “Mother’s Day Special” Sindhu Tai- “Mother of thousands of Orphans”

    "सिंधु ताई सपकाल" (माई), जो आज एक नहीं हज़ारों अनाथ बच्चो की माँ हैं| इनका जन्म महाराष्ट्र के पिम्परी गांव के एक चारवाहे परिवार में बाल दिवस के दिन, "14 नवंबर, 1948" को  हुआ था|